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Needle Shaping has been designed to increase the volume of depressed lips, cheekbones, and scars, without the injection of any type of external material or medication. This treatment is able to naturally harmonize the face and body without any risk and without undesirable effects.

It can therefore be considered a valid alternative to lipofilling, hyaluronic acid, and botulinum toxin, with lasting results over time and without any risk to health. The person undergoing treatment does not perceive any discomfort, as the current is extremely low and is delivered for only a few seconds.

Unlike other self-transplanting techniques, the Needle Natural Filler simply stretches the fibers of the donor area to roll them up to where an increase in volume is desired.

The donor structures, only slightly thinned, resume their initial volumes in the following twenty-eight days, while the reconstructed part immediately reaches the final volume and maintains it long-term.

Possible applications

Volumetric reconstruction, biostimulation, wrinkle treatment

Radiofrequency (RF) plays an important role in the world of medical therapy.

The possibility of emission of electromagnetic radiation at medium/high frequency allows it to operate at different levels of skin thickness and to treat various clinical situations: from skin aging characterized by “cutis lax” to cellulite.

Non-invasive RF acts at the dermal level, causing the collagen fibers to contract instantly. Furthermore, due to this stimulation, new collagen is reproduced in the long term.

At a hypodermic level, the diffused heat reduces the life of the adipocytes and consequently the adipose tissue.

Possible applications

Wrinkles, Acne, Skin laxity of the jaw, Chin, Eyebrows, Cheeks, D├Ęcolletage (Cleavage) Cellulite, Localized adiposity

O.F.F. is an electro-medical device that uses a fixed frequency sinusoidal wave of 1230 kHz with a fractionable emission stream.

This frequency has been chosen because it produces a whole series of biological effects that lend themselves to treat a great variety of imperfections that cannot be solved with other equipment.

Because there is no return electrode, the current does not penetrate deeply into the tissue, but increases its temperature selectively, without involving the deep layers of the dermis.

In particular, different types of imperfections and diseases can be treated, including angiomas and telangiectasias, as well as micro-lipoplasty performed.

Possible applications

Angiomas, Telangiectasia, Micro-lipoplasty

CarboMax uses carbon dioxide for therapeutic purposes.

This odorless and colorless gas is administered percutaneously and subcutaneously, to promote biostimulation of smooth arteriolar muscle cells with a consequent increase and improvement of the sphygmicity.

The decrease in pH stimulates the body to react through vasodilatation and a lower affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen, which is then released more easily into the tissues.

The improvement of the local and systemic parameters of the microcirculation also increases cellular metabolism.

With this method, the entire body can be treated through tissue biostimulation, neo-localized angiogenesis, and toning of the skin, face/neck.

You can perform treatments for cellulite, psoriasis, diabetic ulcers and problems of lymphatic blood stasis.

Possible applications

Cellulitis, Psoriasis, Skin aging, Venous ulcers, Arterial ulcers, Diabetic ulcers, Acrocyanosis, Arthritis

Sonik is designed for the generation of low frequency ultrasound and focused action. It was developed with a special comfortable and non-invasive technology for the improvement of tissues altered by the pathology of microcirculation, through emulsion-lipolysis with ultrasonic transmission.

This therapy aims for the reduction of the adipose panniculus and of the lipodystrophy of the subcutaneous connective tissue disease due to bad cellular drainage.

The effects are immediately evident, due to the lipoclase action (disintegration of adipose tissue), and the progressive remodeling of the body contour is evident from the first treatment.

To all this, a considerable renewal of the appearance of the skin and its imperfections is added, with improvement of tone and elasticity.

Possible applications

Improvement of the appearance of orange peel skin, improvement of skin tone and elasticity, oxygenation and reactivation of peripheral circulation and drainage of stagnation liquids

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